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Special Thanks

We are grateful for the generous support and contributions of the following sponsors. They have enabled our organization to provide mobility to low income individuals and seniors with disabilities in our community.

  • Health Trust (2013) - Let's make Silicon Valley the healthiest region in America!
  • Scan Health (2013) -
  • Palo Alto Medical Foundation(2012) -
  • San Jose Chapter of UNICO (2012) -

  • see more ...

    We believe disability is not an end
    but a new beginning
    to a fulfilling life
    filled with high spirit and strong will.

    Able People Foundation, formerly known as AbleProject was founded in 2002 to address the growing need of low income seniors and individuals with disabilities, especially those with physical limitations.

    We provide basic mobility equipment, at no charge, to eligible candidates, as well as advocacy education to promote independence.

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    2013 Holiday Gift of Mobility
    For seniors and people with limited mobility

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    Give a Gift of Mobility – Make a contribution and Have a Positive Impact on Someone's Life!
    100% Of Your Donation Will Benefit Low–Income Seniors with Physical Limitations And People with Disabilities


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  • Able People Foundation, Formerly known as Able project, , founded in 2002,is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public benefit organization.

    Able People Foundation focuses on the needs of very low-income seniors and people with disabilities, especially those with physical limitations, and works toward preventing injury at home (to both the caregiver and the patient), increasing independence, promoting community interaction, and reducing the healthcare costs to our community and county through providing basic mobility products and advocacy education.

    Together, we will make a difference and help one individual, one family, one community at a time.

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